Business Visas – general information

All about New Zealand business visas

These include Entrepreneur Work Visa, Entrepreneur Residence class Visa, Investor 1 and 2 Visas, Global Impact Work and Permanent Resident Visas. 

Applications under these instructions are prioritised.

Is a business visa a good match for you?

  • You are an aspiring, self-made kind, who had your share of running a tight ship while gaining expertise in running an enterprise and making your venture prosperous. 
  • You are used to making your own, independent decisions while, you had a vast managerial experience which you would like to find application for, or 
  • You have accumulated some investment which you intend to put to good use. 

If this sounds like you, you may well consider a business visa.

An ideal place – 6 statistical reasons to run a business in New Zealand

New Zealand is a country which is second to none in terms of the ease of starting and developing a business. 

  1. In 2019 it was voted 1st economy out of 190 in this category (according to IFC World Bank – Doing Business Report 2020)

New Zealand also retains high rankings among other countries for the following:

  1. 1st on the Corruption Perception Index in 2019
  2. 3rd on the Index of Economic Freedom
  3. 14th Human Development Index
  4. 12th on the OECD’s Better Life Index
  5. It has the 20th Highest GDP Per Capita in the World (putting New Zealand in the top 11% of all countries).

Hassle-free, online Government service lets you reserve a name and have a company incorporated literally within hours. Add this to very few constraints on owning and operating a corporate entity and you get easily the best country in the world to do business in.