Global Impact Visa

This visa is a pilot project targeting talented, innovative business thinkers, investors and start-up teams who have the potential to launch and run ventures based on innovation.

The candidates are selected by the provider, the Sir Edmund Hillary Fellowship, contracted by Immigration New Zealand for the term of the pilot. The visa is one of a kind in the sense that it allows flexibility to work and live in New Zealand for its holders, while their ventures are being established and managed, and it is also a pathway to permanent residence.

The number of candidates that can be accepted is capped at 400 during the 4-year duration of the programme.

Highlights of the Global Impact Visa

• After the provider identifies and selects the suitable candidates, INZ will perform an initial assessment and, if satisfactory, will issue the candidates with a 36-month work visa.
• To be successful, the applicants must meet the English language requirements (at the same proficiency level as principal applicants under the Skilled Migrant Category), possess sufficient maintenance funds ($36000), meet health and character, as well as fit and proper person requirements. If investing, there is a need to show that the investment funds have been acquired in a lawful way.
• Business specialists at Immigration New Zealand must be satisfied that the investment proposed does not bear unnecessary risk to New Zealand laws or policies.
• The 36-month visa, if granted, will give the successful candidate 3 months to enter New Zealand, and allow multiple journeys.
• The visa does not prevent self-employment and permits to work anywhere in New Zealand.
• The provider’s support is essential and should be maintained throughout the whole validity of the Global Impact Visa.
• When 30 months pass, the participants may seek the Global Impact Permanent Resident visa with the support of the provider. This type is known as a ‘residence-from-work’ visa.
• Needless to say, all visa conditions, including health and character, fit and proper person, etc., should be met.