Other Visitor Visas

Other types of visitor visas may be relatively rare to be applied for through an immigration consultant, but for good measure, and out of fairness, we will list some highlights of those.

Visas for visiting academics

  • For visiting academics, the need to apply for a visitor visa will obviously depend on whether they come from a visa-waiver country. Those who are, will not need one, whereas those from the countries whose nationals are not exempt from the requirement, must apply for a visa. 

As a general rule, this kind of visa will allow the holder to stay in New Zealand up to 3 months and perform very specific activities what would fall under the category of academic work. This could include, among other things, 

  • taking part in collaborative research projects, 
  • presenting seminars and delivering lectures, 
  • teaching short courses in the areas where New Zealand academics have shortage of the subject knowledge, 
  • planning, designing, reviewing, etc. academic and research courses,
  • professional development (including teaching methods and curriculum design),
  • study tours, etc.

The unique quality of this visa that makes it distinct from other visas is that it allows to work in the specific field. On the other hand, one must have a well-established reputation in the academic world, which would imply that they are well-qualified and experienced, and must either be employed by an overseas academic institution, or have experience of such employment.

It goes without saying that such applicants must enjoy full support from an inviting tertiary institute in New Zealand as well as meeting all other criteria for a visitor visa, like being of good character, health and having bona fide intentions.

Visas for business visitors

  • Another exception from the general rule is business visitors, who are planning their stay to be shorter than 3 months, and who are sales representatives of officially recognized trade missions or overseas companies, overseas buyers of New Zealand goods and services, or who are holding consultations or negotiations, or are carrying on any business in New Zealand that is projected to last not more than 3 months in any calendar year.

Those people, provided they meet health, character and other requirements will not be viewed as undertaking employment in New Zealand and may be granted visitor visas.

The list of those visas is by no means exhaustive and includes visas for participants of Visiting Media Programmes, for people entering New Zealand for the purpose of medical treatment or consultation, and many more.

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