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Parent Category Resident Visa

With a newly re-opened Parent Category Resident Visa, a family reunion you have been longing may be closer now than you think. The application procedure has considerably gained from being more straightforward, although some complications have been added that had not existed previously.

On the other hand, the instructions should be followed to the letter to rid yourself of inevitable frustration through annoying delays and even declines. At our end, we pride ourselves on being seasoned specialists who will make a strong case for your parents to ensure seamless lodgement of the application. If you would like to speak to us, book your free 30-minute consultation now.

What has changed exactly and what are the current requirements?

The most notable changes include

  • Farewell to the 2-tier system

There is no more 2-tier system as well as no more option of meeting eligibility criteria by showing guaranteed income or settlement funds.

  • New financial threshold for eligible sponsors

 - the new financial requirements for sponsors are based on New Zealand median income

New Income Threshold
One sponsor for one parentNZ$106,080
One sponsor for two parentsNZ$159,120
Sponsor and partner (jointly) for one parentNZ$159,120
Sponsor and partner (jointly) for two parentsNZ$212,160

Important! Partnership requirements in this category are: to be living for at least 12 months in a genuine and stable relationship, as well as meeting all other merits of a partnership in order to be recognised under the residence instructions.

Time requirement for sponsors

Eligible sponsors need to meet the income threshold requirement for at least 2 out of 3 years before their parent’s application is lodged. 

Important! Eligible sponsors cannot be the applicant’s dependent children.

Stages: EOI – ITA – apply

  1. During the first stage the Expressions of Interest (EOIs) are entered into the pool and, if the claims made there regarding the health and character standards, proficiency in English, family ties and sponsorship are assessed as plausible, the applicant may be invited to apply within 4 months after the invitation to apply (ITA) is issued. 
  1. Following the selection from the pool and issuance of an ITA, during the second stage the information in the application undergoes thorough verification, resulting, if the checks are successful, in a resident visa being issued.

What should be included in an EOI?

Information about the applicant’s and the applicant’s partner’s:

English language ability (General or Academic module of IELTS band 4.0 in at least 2 of the skills, or an overall band of 5.0) or an agreement to pay for the ESOL tuition
Relationship to the sponsoring adult child and also information about any other applicant’s children 
On top of that, the applicant should state that their adult child, alone or together with their child’s partner, fit the definition of eligible sponsor(s) and the sponsor’s income during the past 3 years.

The number of applications is capped at 1000 per year, to 30 June. So, every 1st of July the cap is reset.

What will happen to those EOIs which went into the pool earlier?

Previously submitted EOIs will remain in the pool. However, under new standardised EOI procedure not all applications may meet new eligibility criteria. The applicants may be contacted by INZ to provide updates on, or to withdraw their earlier EOI. 

What happens after the grant of a resident visa?

Sponsors should continue meeting their obligations for 10 years since the first day of the applicant as a resident in New Zealand, that is, they will keep providing maintenance, accommodation (if needed) and meeting other costs, for example, those related to health and welfare, as set forth in the relevant law. 

The applicants and their sponsors should bear in mind the importance of not breaking the imposed conditions. For example, the sponsor will be viewed as not meeting the obligations if the applicant receives welfare payment from Work and Income. This kind of breach of visa conditions may lead to grievous consequences, and namely – deportation. 

To avoid the mischief, we recommend you plan ahead your every step and discuss your needs with our immigration advisor today.

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