Visitor Visa for Parents and Grandparents

Can Parents and Grandparents pay you a short visit?

As a matter of fact, your family may be able to drop in if they have visitor visas.

Having your loved ones around you is so very important when you settle into a new environment, thousands of miles away from your home country. Whilst having your parents come over to live in New Zealand may be a matter of a slightly more distant future (please see link to parents resident visas), their visit may be really round the corner. On this occasion your old folks can really follow in your footsteps for a change.

Should you wish to clarify your parents’ or grandparents’ eligibility to come and stay with you temporarily, our immigration consultant will happily disclose all the necessary details that need to be taken into account. Book your free consultation today.

How long can your family stay?

The usual validity of a New Zealand parent and grandparent visa is 3 years. In addition, it will also allow multiple entries and a 6-month long stay following an entry. However, as you would probably least want them to overstay, you will have to watch out for how long they will be enjoying New Zealand lifestyle, as it cannot exceed 18 months in the 3 years the visa is valid for.

A friendly reminder from our experienced immigration advisor will come spot on time and let you plan the remainder of your parents’ and grandparents’ visit in the country.

How can you qualify to support your parent or grandparent for a visitor visa?

Needless to say, you are supposed to meet certain requirements, such as your residence status in New Zealand, good character, sound financial situation, compliance with immigration law and some other.

Your relationship will need to be evidenced as well, by birth certificates and the like, and your folks will need to have a full medical certificate on hand.

A word to the wise – pay attention to minute details, think of the most direct and secure way to support the visa application for your parent and grandparent. We are here to give a hand, and are only a mouse click away – book your free consultation with our immigration adviser still today.