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Visitor Visa for Partners and Dependent Children

Can your family stay with you for a short time on visitor visas for partners and dependent children?

Do your loved ones want to accompany you temporarily at this stage? Depending on your situation, desires and intentions, you may consider having your family over in New Zealand on visitor visa for partners and dependent children. All things being equal, you can consider further visa options later.

Partners and dependents of student and work visa holders

may apply for visitor visas, if appropriate for their needs. The duration of such visas will not exceed their partners' or parents' visas. 

Partners should
- be living together;
- meet partnership recognition requirements;
- in addition, the supporting partner should
meet the character requirements

Dependent children of holders of Essential Skills and Religious Workers 

Immigration New Zealand will usually approve their visas only if their parents meet a specified income threshold (currently NZ$43,322.76 per year before tax). Immigration instructions set forth this requirement in V3.10 of the Immigrations instructions

Partners and dependents of New Zealand citizens and residence class visa holders

may be granted a visitor visa for partners and dependent children if the following is in place:

- they are living together in a genuine and stable partnership;
- the New Zealand partner, who supports the application, intends to be in New Zealand intends to be present in the country for the same period of time as applied for by the applicant;
- the minimum requirements for recognition of partnership are met; and
- the New Zealand partner meets the character requirements

Dependent children of New Zealand citizens or residence class visa holders

may be count on the approval of their visitor visa for a maximum stay of 9 months if:

- the parent intends to stay in New Zealand during the same period of time applied for by the dependent child; and 
- the parent supports the application

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