Partner of a New Zealander

Generally speaking, your New Zealand partners (if they have a resident visa or citizenship) may be able to support your application to become a New Zealand resident yourself.

In comparison with the situation when partners support temporary class visa applications, the requirements for residence supporters are a notch up and hence a lenient approach is not an option since INZ cannot show any discretion. With a more extended period of living together and tougher criteria of partner’s eligibility to meet, the process shows the true value of New Zealand residence compared with temporary stay.

Who may be considered eligible to support their partners for residence?

Partners of New Zealand citizens and holders of residence class visas, only if the following apply.

  1. Partnership requirements for residence class visas are met (please see above).
  2. The supporting partner is of good character.
    Similar those supporting temporary visas, the circumstances preventing partners from being eligible are earlier convictions for home violence incidents, or sex-related crimes. If, however, this is the case, a character waiver may be sought and be successful depending on the nature of the offence, time elapsed since the conviction, subsequent behaviour and other details.
  3. The applicant meets health and character requirements.
    Conversely to other, stricter rules, the applicants have some slack here, having to provide a Limited Medical Certificate only, rather than a Full one.
  4. The supporting New Zealand partner is eligible.
    The criteria here are quite strict and may not be altered in any way.

To check eligibility, follow the flow chart answering the questions.

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